Boarding Information, Rates & Fees

Appointments are scheduled:

Monday – Saturday 8-11 am or 3-6 pm

Closed Sundays

Your Dog/s will enjoy two playtimes, walks, or hike per day around our 3 acre farm!!!

Additional Information:

  • ALL dogs must be up to date on these vaccinations: Rabies, Bordetella & DHLP
  • Kennels 4’x8′ inside & outside
  • Kennels are air conditioned, heated & insulated
  • Dog food is provided (We feed Victor Premium Dog Food – 
  • Blankets and bedding are supplied and cleaned daily
  • A refrigerator and microwave are available to accommodate any special dietary needs
  • All dogs receive undivided personal attention (ie: petting, cuddling, and playtime to ensure a healthy and happy mental attitude.)
  • Boarding Fees:
  • $36.00          per night per dog
  • $68.00          per night for 2 dogs in same kennel ($20 per extra dog)
    * 1/2 day charge for PM pick-up