In-Kennel Training

With our customized training programs and experienced trainers – your dog will learn obedience through their own individual personalities! We will work to make your dogs’ transition home after our training a smooth one!

Before accepting your dog into our In-Kennel Training Programs, we require that they have a mandatory evaluation to determine temperment and learning style. The cost of the evaluation is $65. After having the evaluation we will have a better understanding of how to approach your dogs indavidualized training!

We also require that:
– Puppies (8wks – 6 months) are finished with ALL required booster shots and immunizations before they participate in this program.
– Puppies/Dogs (6 months+) need to be vaccinated for Bordetella, Distemper & Rabies.

We have serveral options to choose from with our In-Kennel Training!

  • In-Kennel Training 1 Month Program: $1,400.00
    1 Month Program for 2 Dogs: $2,000.00
    – Includes all boarding/training & grooming fees and 2 follow-up at home visits.
  • In-Kennel Training 2 Week Program: $700.00
    2 Week Program for 2 Dogs: $1,000.00
    Includes all boarding/training & grooming fees.
  • In-Kennel Training During a Boarding Stay: TBD based on Stay
    – This cost is in addition to any boarding fees already required. This cost is also determined based on the length of boarding stay. Please call the office to get a quote!
  1. Our customized training programs will consist of the training we outline in your training evaluation.
  2. Based on the training option you choose, you may have a scheduled visitation to check on the progress of your dog’s training.
  3. We ask that you bring any medications your dog will need to take.
  4. You are also allowed to bring food, toys and treats. We do provide food if you wish to utilize it. We serve Victor Premium Dog Food.
  5. We will need proof of vaccinations for Bordettella, Rabies, Distemper and any booster shots. They can be emailed to us at or you may fax them to us at 812-720-9877.

If you have any additional questions aboout our In-Kennel Training Program, would like to speak to one of our traininers, or would like to set up an appointment – please call the office!